What are the benefits of Hare Krishna meditation?

Are the benefits merely material or do they also pertain to the other worldly? Most importantly, are these rewards tangible? Some of the benefits may be perceivable while other results are simply by products of the path. The efficacy of the Hare Krishna meditation is delineated in this section, with philosophical inputs from the sacred scriptures of East.
The section will also discuss the spiritual phenomenon of love of God. What is divine love and how could we tap this power within? Radhanath Swami believes that the greatest motivation in this world is love. He also testifies with his own realizations how the mantra yoga fills the heart with rich spiritual love that motivates people from all walks of life to pursue their professional and personal life with human dignity and spiritual integrity.

Rewards in seeking shelter – By Radhanath Swami

Rewards in seeking shelter – By Radhanath Swami

Once when a student asked me if it helps write letters to God, I said, “Of course it does”. He then enquired, “Do you also write letters to God and to your guru?” I honestly confessed, “I am not as much of a writer as I am a prayerer. I love to pray.” Whether it’s writing a letter to God or talking to Him, a heartfelt prayer always helps us connect to God more intimately.
I then reflected on an incident when as a seven year old, Danny, a friend in the neighborhood filled my heart with fear, and I was

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