The tongue cannot stop chanting

In the 12th chapter of Bhagavad Gita Krishna explains that the perfection of life is to fix our consciousness on His personal form.  This is the ultimate conclusion of the Vedas—to always remember Krishna and to never forget Krishna. Gopinath_270x174

Krishna means God, who is the all attractive object of everyone’s intimate love.  On this spiritual platform, which is the natural platform for all living beings, it is our constitutional position to love Krishna and to serve Krishna.  However, due to our association with the phenomena of this material existence, we become so much caught up and diverted by the senses and their objects that we have forgotten the treasure of love of God that is dormant within the heart of all of us.  We are all looking for blissfulness.  That bliss is within us.  But we have forgotten because we are looking everywhere else.  So the purpose of religion, all great religions, is to awaken the original natural God consciousness within our hearts.

To fix our consciousness on Krishna is the perfection of religion.  In the beginning it takes great effort to fix our consciousness on Krishna because of our conditioning.  Srila Prabhupada explains that when we suffer the disease called jaundice, sugarcane juice is the cure.  Sugarcane juice is very sweet.  However, due to the disease of jaundice, it tastes very bitter.  The bitterness is due to our inability to appreciate it.  That is disease. Similarly, when we chant the name of the Lord, when we hear the glories of the Lord, when we come to see the beauty of the deity of the Lord, it’s actually the most pleasing, ecstatic experience for the soul.  But because our consciousness is so attached or addicted to so many other types of pleasures, that diseased condition makes it sometimes difficult to chant the holy names, difficult to remember Krishna.  In our purified state we cannot stop looking at the beautiful form of Krishna, our tongue constantly, spontaneously chants the holy names, there won’t be a greater joy in life than to talk about Krishna, and our mind cannot forget Krishna.

When a young girl and a young boy become very much attracted with affection for each other, the boy is always thinking of the girl and the girl is always thinking of the boy. And whatever they are doing, that’s always in the forefront of their mind. But what is that attraction?  It is a limited and temporary form of attraction for one little fraction of a spark of Krishna’s beauty.  So we can imagine what happens when we come in contact with the full-fledged unlimited supreme beauty of Krishna who is the source of all beauty! How can you forget Him?  So this is the advanced state of Bhakti where our every action, our every word and our every thought is a spontaneous offering of love to the object of our love, the Supreme Lord.  And such a person sees a part of Krishna in every living being.  So therefore there is great love and compassion for every living entity without consideration of their external designations.

(An excerpt from a talk given by Radhanath Swami in 1998)

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