Case Study 7 – Loud or silent chanting?

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Ian has experimented with many spiritual paths and his quest for the truth is still on. Recently he began chanting Hare Krishna after reading some literature extolling the glories of the path of Bhakti Yoga. Ian is happy chanting and now he’s also associating with few regular Hare Krishna chanters.

One doubt however plagues Ian’s mind; his experience with almost all the spiritual organizations that he’d been to before encountering Hare Krishna was of silent meditation. Most of the spiritualists he met advocated either silent meditation or breathing exercises. Ian is aware of the philosophical basis of the Hare Krishna yoga in approaching God in His personal aspect. He has no problems with that but his only concern is why we should chant our rounds loudly. He feels more comfortable chanting the Hare Krishna mantra silently in his mind. Besides, he also sees that when devotees chant loudly sitting in a group, they disturb others. It becomes virtually impossible to hear your own chanting as all others are chanting in an attempt to be clear in their pronunciation of the Hare Krishna mantra.

Can you address his feelings on silent chanting of Hare Krishna being preferable to loud chanting ?

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