Pleasing God by glorifying His devotees

paramatma in everyoneThe Lord promises in the Gita that one who always thinks of Him, worships Him and offers his homage unto Him will easily please Him and come to Him without fail (Bhagavad Gita 9.34). He promises this to Arjuna because he is the Lord’s dear friend (Bhagavad Gita 4.3). And anyone who loves His devotees and takes joy in glorifying them more than anyone else is also loved by Krishna; this is the Lord’s love for His devotees.

Krishna further affirms that one can understand this message only when one is non-envious (Bhagavad Gita 12.13-14). An envious person cannot tolerate hearing the glories of others. On the other hand, the non-envious take great pleasure in hearing the glories of Krishna’s devotees and that’s why it’s important to adopt this mentality of being the loving servants of the devotees of the Lord.

The disease of false pride hampers us from tolerating anyone else making advancement in life. To the degree we give false importance to ourselves, to that degree we become envious of others. Therefore a devotee is aspiring to be dasa dasa anudas– to be the happy servant and atomic particle of the dust of the feet of all the other devotees of the Lord. When we aspire for this position, we experience great pleasure in hearing the glorification of others. Prahlad Maharaja is glorified to be one of the most exalted of all devotees. He had accepted this humble position. This quality gave him the strength to cry out for the mercy of Krishna and His devotees in every circumstance of his life. Consequently, he became most dear to the Lord.

Even in the English language it is said- love me, love my dog. The endearing quality of a dog is his loyalty to his master. A devotee is sometimes considered to be like Krishna’s dog because he is loyally following behind Krishna and chanting His Holy Names. Just as a master becomes very happy when we appreciate his dog, similarly Krishna is pleased when we love and serve His dear devotees.

This is a simple qualification to please God. If we can simply keep this sacred principle as the unifying force amongst us, then very soon we will understand the kingdom of god within our own hearts. But if we refuse to sanctify our association by centering it on the glorification of the Lord and his devotees, then we may do great services but there will always be something gravely lacking within our hearts; we’d constantly feel a vacuum in our hearts, despite our herculean external activities.

The association of devotees is a great benediction awarded to us. One needs to take this blessing of the Lord into our hearts, as His causeless mercy. Factually all our philosophy, logic and arguments are only meant to bring us to the point of learning how to hear and chant the glories and names of Krishna and to please Him. Let us not miss this essence of spiritual life-pleasing Krishna. And this is easily achieved in the association of sincere and loving devotees.

(Form a talk given by Radhanath Swami)

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