Case Study 4 – Making a choice

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Jay-and-rakesh-hare-krishna-devotees Jay and Rakesh are new members of the Hare Krishna chanters club (HCC) in your college. The club members meet every week and discuss issues relating to the philosophy and practise of the Hare Krishna yoga. Jay is excited about his new discovery of Hare Krishna. He gets many of his new friends for the weekly meetings, and is convinced this is the best meditation path amongst the myriad spiritual practises in India. Rakesh on the other hand is quiet and listens attentively to the sermons on Holy Names. He appears thoughtful and a man of few words. While jay has no doubts about the process, and is in fact seen answering the doubts of many other new comers, Rakesh is hesitant and prefers to hear more, than share the Hare Krishna meditation with others. He asks many questions, some even challenging the philosophical foundation about the process. However he appears open minded and receptive to the answers presented by the seniors. After six months, Rakesh has taken up additional responsibilities at the HCC; he coordinates the Holy Name seminars conducted by the seniors of the club, while Jay is contended to tell others about the Holy Name seminars, the good people at HCC and the nice snacks at the weekly gatherings. While Rakesh maintains the club data base and follows up with the alumni, and hardly ever misses the weekly sessions, Jay is enthusiastic in spirit and makes it for the meeting at least once a month.

The annual day celebrations of HCC is all set to happen next month. At least five hundred people are expected, almost all of whom have heard about Hare Krishna and have occasionally attended the HCC gatherings. As a part of the organizing committee you have been asked to choose a member to make a five minute presentation on ‘My experiences with the Hare Krishna yoga’.

Your choice is either Rakesh or jay. Whom would you choose and why?

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