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God is called the Supreme enjoyer since He is independent in His enjoyment, He has unlimited enjoyment without any trace of miseries and He shares His supreme pleasure and enjoyment with everyone else.

What is the purpose of creating something, owning it and having full control over it? Take a moment to think of all the things that you have in life or the things that you work for. What is the purpose of all of these things? The ultimate purpose of doing anything is to relish or enjoy pleasure. In fact, the ultimate purpose of life is to experience taste or pleasure. This drive for happiness or bliss is what moves everything and everyone. 

Imagine, for some time, if you were to play God – the supreme creator, proprietor, and independent controller. What would you do?

Would you go for a 9 to 5, or nowadays a 9 to 9 job? Would you like to fight traffic each day to reach your destinations? Would you like to go through exams, diseases or financial, family problems and finally grow old and die? Or would you like to life full or mirth, merriment in place where every word is a song, every step is a dance and you are surrounded by countless well wishers and friends in sweet relationships eternally? 

Even if someone may choose the first option, it is because they get happiness being in a state of stress or suffering. It still proves the point that the search for happiness drives all our actions and is the ultimate goal of everything we do or everything we have. 

This desire in us for eternal enjoyment originally comes from God as it exists in Him in its Supreme form. God eternally simply enjoys! His enjoyment, however, is of a different variety. His enjoyment is spiritual. Generally the enjoyment that we generally know in this world is temporary, mixed with gaps of suffering. Also, in this world for someone to enjoy, another person is deprived or still worse suffer.

God’s enjoyment is independent of anything else. For God to enjoy he does not need to depend on anyone or anything else. No one is deprived and no one needs to suffer for God to experience pleasure.

God is self-satisfied and He enjoys unlimitedly with His own energies. God is full of so much pleasure that He can share it abundantly with others. In fact, the more He shares His pleasure with others, the more it increases! (More about this concept will be discussed in session 4, Shakti tattva). 

What happens when you share your resources with others? Do the resources increase or do they decrease? Definitely, resources decrease when we share them with others in this world. For those who think happiness is to have resource, definitely their happiness will reduce as they share their resource with others. For example, a child has 3 chocolates and he wants to eat them and be happy. If the child has to share the 3 chocolates with 2 other children, then he is left with only one chocolate. Thus, the happiness of the child is reduced by ⅓ rd. 

Since God has unlimited energies and resources, He can share them unlimitedly and derive unlimited happiness out of them. His happiness is continuous without any gaps of sufferings that we see in the material world. In fact, the more He shares His resources and happiness with others, the more it increases. Therefore, one God is one who is the Independent Supreme Enjoyer. 

Eg. A crude example of a restaurant owner and his employees can be given in this regard. Between the owner and the employees, who is the independent enjoyer and who is the dependent enjoyer? Naturally, the owner the independent enjoyer and the employees depend upon the owner’s abilities, intelligence and resources for their salaries which provides for their families and for their enjoyment. All the profits of the hotel go to the owner and he shares those profits with the employees. 

In this example, the hotel owner is compared to God. Just like the hotel owner is the independent enjoyer and others in the hotel depend upon him for the salaries, similarly, God also an independent enjoyer. The only difference is that God has unlimited resources and unlimited enjoyment, so He can share that unlimitedly with everyone who works for Him. Therefore, God is the Supreme Independent Enjoyer. 

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