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mind wandersKrishna is non-different than His name.  Krishna has descended within His name to give us shelter, to nourish us and to reveal all of His love to us.  The holy name is the most precious cintamani jewel of creation, there is nothing so precious, because nothing else can give us the benediction of eternal life and eternal love.  But we must understand the value of chanting Krishna’s names.

One of the greatest misfortunes is if you have something great but you do not understand its value—you will waste it, you will not take the full advantage of it, you will take it as something ordinary. That is what we are doing every day.  When we are trying to chant the holy name, the mind is wandering to so many ideas, so many thoughts, so many desires, and so many aspirations. What does that mean? It really means that your mind is trying to deceive you to think that to fix its attention on something else will give you a greater value than keeping it in Krishna’s name.  And this is how maya, through our mind, is stealing away our life moment by moment.  When we understand with faith, the power and glory of Krishna’s name, then only can we take shelter; otherwise our chanting is casual or perhaps ritualistic, inattentive.

Two things are very important—a very mature and honest understanding of the dangers and sufferings of material existence and faith that the holy name of God has descended to give us supreme shelter.


(From a talk given by Radhanath Swami in 2005)

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