Case Study 6 – Does chanting make things worse?

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Does-chanting-make-things-worseAnupam is confused about the practise of Hare Krishna yoga. He’s been hearing in classes and reading in books, ‘chant Hare Krishna and be happy’. He expected to be happy since he began chanting four rounds daily. Two months later he perceived not much difference, neither in his level of happiness nor his own spiritual progress. Still he decided to increase his daily chanting to eight rounds. Now after another two months of chanting eight rounds daily, he feels not only has he made no progress, his earlier bad habits are resurfacing in his consciousness. Despite his sincere attempt to practise the process- he’s given up his old association and has only other Hare Krishna yogis as his friends-he isn’t feeling the chanting working on him. He wonders why he gets angrier now, and especially these anger thoughts arise during his hour long practise of the Hare Krishna yoga.

Recently Anupam expressed these doubts to one member of the local Hare Krishna club and was discouraged by the answer. The member had advised him to increase his chanting to sixteen rounds daily. Anupam wonders if by steadily increasing up until now he’s perceived no progress, what’s the use of further increasing his commitment. Since you are his close friend, he reveals to you that of late he also gets lusty thoughts while chanting, and is irresistibly drawn to his former girl friend. He’s also being haunted by the pornographic movies he’d seen before starting the Hare Krishna practise. Anupam wonders how is Hare Krishna practise effective in facilitating spiritual progress.

What’s your opinion on the efficacy of chanting and how will you understand Anupam’s dilemma.

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