Case Study 8 – Chanting – “Sweet or a bitter experience?”

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Pareshan is troubled by his inability to chant attentively. He feels frustrated as the chanting session leaves him tired and dry. He’s heard in classes that the Holy Names of Krishna is sweeter than the sweetest. However practically speaking, he finds the chanting a bitter experience. While chanting he wishes he was doing something more fruitful and productive. Rather than feeling spiritual bliss, he feels relief on completing his daily quota of ten rounds. He asks you how come if the scriptures describe the Holy Names as sweet, he feels restless and unhappy while chanting. Why he can’t experience the sweetness of the Holy Names like other seasoned practitioners. He agrees he’s new to chanting- just one year old- but he wonders how long will it take for him to be excited and joyful by the chanting process.

Can you address Pareshan’s worries on lacking taste for chanting?

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