Case Study 9 – Discovering special realizations on chanting

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You’ve been chanting Hare Krishna for the last ten years and are happy to note Bhavuk’s enthusiasm for chanting. Mr Bhavuk is a new member of the Hare Krishna chanters club and since the last six months that he’s been coming for the sessions, he reveals tremendous enthusiasm in japa sessions as well as during the kirtans. However he is restless during the classes where the science of chanting Hare Krishna is discussed by different speakers. He rarely attends these classes, being content in his taste for chanting and dancing in kirtans. You have on a couple of occasions explained to him the need to hear the discourses as well. He confesses to being busy and moreover he reasons that since he’s already practising the essence of all these discussions- chanting Hare Krishna-what’s the need to attend classes or read spiritual books.

Recently you also heard Bhavuk’s latest realization on chanting; he’s been seeing wonderful rainbow colours hovering on his subtle mind while chanting. As the colours change to blue and golden he wonders if this is Lord Krishna and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu showering grace upon him for his enthusiasm in chanting. Bhavuk is sincere and receptive; he also considers you as a good friend and a mentor on the science of chanting. He’s excited to share his new realizations with you and attributes this special blessing to your mercy upon him.

What is your understanding about Bhavuk’s progress in chanting and how will you respond to his new found happiness in the practise of Hare Krishna meditation? Since he’s willing to hear from you, what explanations will you offer him on the science of Hare Krishna yoga?

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