Case Study 5 – Chanting – “To Increase or Decrease”

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You are a mentor, guiding a group of young boys and girls on the science of chanting Hare Krishna. Pritam is enthusiastic and is a member of the group that is learning the science of Hare Krishna yoga from you since the last two months.


While most of the other members are picking up slowly on the Hare Krishna meditation, Pritam is rapidly increasing his commitment on the Hare Krishna meditation. You had explained in the last meeting the need for the members to chant a minimum of two rounds of Hare Krishna daily on the chanting beads.

Today, a week later, you discover that while most are indeed chanting two to four rounds daily, Pritam is way ahead of all others. He declares in the class, in front of all others that he is chanting 32 rounds daily since the last one month.

What will be your response to this enthusiasm of Pritam? Will you encourage him to continue chanting in the same spirit or will you advise him to reduce his rounds? Please explain the rationale behind your stand?

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