Case Study 3 :- Dealing with prolonged sickness

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Mr Albert has been sick since last six months. Earlier he would visit the Hare Krishna meditation centre daily and chant with the devotees. He was enthusiastic and an inspiration for many. Since his sickness, ranging from high blood pressure to back pains and recurring cold and cough, he has been practically indisposed. He never visits the centre and hardly chants, and has no friends to encourage him to chant. His family members are callous to the Hare Krishna yoga. They are more concerned that he gets well soon. You recently realized Mr Albert’s absence and on enquiry discovered his poor health. On visiting him home, you realize he is a poor shadow of his former glorious self. He is watching television and hasn’t chanted for weeks. Occasionally some old devotee friends visit him but he discourages them from revisiting him or calling him on the phone. You had known him better than many others as both of you together rendered various services in the centre, and also spent many hours in the past discussing about the Holy Names.
Now in this changed scenario, what will be your approach with regards to Mr. Albert; how will you relate to him and what help will you provide in this situation?

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