Case Study 2 :- Balancing work and yoga

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Mr. Parisrama is a 32 year old hard working software professional. His job requires him to work from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. He also travels two hours to work and back. Recently he was introduced to the Hare Krishna yoga and has been fascinated by the process. He even visited the nearest Bhakti Yoga centre on a Sunday with his family and heard the discourses and participated in the kirtans. He loves to chant and has a desire to practise the process more seriously. His wife and two small children have no objection to his practise of the Hare Krishna yoga. However his challenge is to manage his time. He had heard recently from a senior practitioner that if one wants to make steady progress on the spiritual path, he or she has to rise early and chant a minimum two hours. The devotee had also mentioned that one should chant a fixed number of rounds as an exclusive activity, and not try to make it one part of multi tasking. Parisrama feels guilty on hearing this because he usually chants his rounds while travelling to work in the crowded trains of Mumbai. This helps him save time but now he wonders how he can adjust his schedules. The job pressure is getting intense and he sometimes has to work till 10.00 pm. He wonders if he can continue his daily meditation sessions in the trains and maybe on Sundays chant nicely at home. The passion of his work has left him with no choice.

Mr. Parisrama approaches you, a long standing friend, and you can see he is sincere at heart but caught up in various challenging situations.

How will you help him?

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