Case Study 1:- Dhukhi aatma das

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Dukhi atma dasa and his family are good standing devotees since twenty five years. You have known the family since the last ten years that you came to Krishna consciousness. Dukhi atma prabhu talks to you often and one issue he comes up with most often is his concern over his lack of making any tangible advancement in his spiritual life over the last two decades. He confesses to you that although all devotees respect him as a senior devotee, he still has lust in his heart. He is ashamed but wonders why the process is not working on him despite his sincere efforts to chant nicely. In his managerial role in various services, he is known to have been rough with devotees in the past, and passed snide remarks at them on certain occasions. However he later makes up with some of them and has good relationships with many devotees in the community. He has also attended many Holy Name seminars, yet feels his chanting is poor and attraction to material world very high.

What is your understanding of the plight of Dukhi atma dasa?

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