How can we accept the Vedas to be the manual?

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To accept or reject a manual one must study it, apply it and see whether it works or it doesn’t work. To reject a manual without studying it or applying it would be non-scientific or just biased blind faith. Many people without studying the Vedas claim that they are bogus! Based on what scientific evidence or experiment do they make such a claim?

In fact every person who has studied the Vedas claims that they are perfect. The Vedas knowledge presents a unique challenge to prove their authenticity (that they are true).  The Vedas claim that if we can find even a single bit of information given in the Vedas to be wrong or contradictory with another information given in the Vedas then one can discard the whole body of knowledge! That means each and every word of the Veda is true. This is the proof that the Vedas are the Absolute truth and the manual for the universe. Anyone can study them and prove this claim to be wrong and we can reject the Vedas entirely. Till then we may accept them as they are – the authority to teach us about the science of God.

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