1.What do I think of during the Hare Krishna meditation?

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The Hare Krishna chant involves moving the fingers on the beads and vibrating the chant softly. As the tongue vibrates the divine sound, the ears take in the vibration, and the fingers steadily move the beads, we potentially enter a divine realm. The mind however is active and may not cooperate with our endeavour to connect to God. Radhanath Swami quotes scriptures to explain the nature of the mind; “Mind could be the best of our friends and the worst of enemies. When controlled he is our best friend and when uncontrolled, he could be our worst enemy.”
What are the different thoughts that arise in the mind, and how do we cope with them? Which of these thoughts are conducive to our practise of mantra meditation and how do we flush out undesirable and negative thoughts that arise while chanting the Hare Krishna mantra? These are some of the questions this section will attempt to answer.

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