Case Studies

This is your section. Answer case studies and share your solutions with other thoughtful people. The struggles and joys of a Bhakti Yogi are explored here with real life situations.

What would you do if you were placed in the same situation as the character revealed in the case study. Radhanath Swami has presented mantra yoga as a practical path that any sincere practitioner can pursue. Some of the characters in these exercises may echo your own troubled emotions and struggles. Knowing that you are not alone, and you too could make a positive difference to the lives of other spiritual seekers, will empower you to practise spiritual principles with enthusiasm and determination.


Case study 1 – Dukhi atma dasa

Dukhi atma dasa and his family are good standing devotees since twenty five years. You have known the family since the last ten years that you came to Krishna consciousness. Dukhi atma prabhu talks to you often and one issue he comes up with most often is his concern over his lack of making any tangible advancement

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Case study 2 – Balancing work and yoga

Mr. Parisrama is a 32 year old hard working software professional. His job requires him to work from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. He also travels two hours to work and back. Recently he was introduced to the Hare Krishna yoga and has been fascinated by the process. He even visited the nearest Bhakti Yoga centre on a Sunday with his family and heard the discourses and participated in the kirtans.

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Case study 3 – Dealing with prolonged sickness

Mr Albert has been sick since last six months. Earlier he would visit the Hare Krishna meditation centre daily and chant with the devotees. He was enthusiastic and an inspiration for many.  Since his sickness, ranging from high blood pressure to back pains and recurring cold and cough, he has been practically indisposed. He never visits the centre and .

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Case Study 4 – Making a choice

Jay-and-rakesh-hare-krishna-devoteesJay and Rakesh are new members of the Hare Krishna chanters club (HCC) in your college.The club members meet every week and discuss issues relating to the philosophy and practise of the Hare Krishna yoga. Jay is excited about his new discovery of Hare Krishna. He gets many of his new friends for the weekly meetings, and is convinced this is the best meditation path amongst the myriad spiritual practises in India.….

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Case study 5 – Chanting – “To Increase or Decrease”

You are a mentor, guiding a group of young boys and girls on the science of chanting Hare Krishna. Pritam is enthusiastic and is a member of the group that is learning the science of Hare Krishna yoga from you since the last two months.


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Case Study 6 – Does chanting make things worse

Does-chanting-make-things-worseAnupam is confused about the practise of Hare Krishna yoga. He’s been hearing in classes and reading in books, ‘chant Hare Krishna and be happy’. He expected to be happy since he began chanting four rounds daily. Two months later he perceived not much difference, neither in his level of happiness nor his own spiritual progress.

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Case Study 7 – Loud or silent chanting ?


Ian has experimented with many spiritual paths and his quest for the truth is still on. Recently he began chanting Hare Krishna after reading some literature extolling the glories of the path of Bhakti Yoga. Ian is happy chanting and now he’s also associating with few regular Hare Krishna chanters.

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Case Study 8 – Chanting – “Sweet or a bitter experience?”

Pareshan is troubled by his inability to chant attentively. He feels frustrated as the chanting session leaves him tired and dry. He’s heard in classes that the Holy Names of Krishna is sweeter than the sweetest. However practically speaking, he finds the chanting a bitter experience. While chanting he wishes he was doing something more fruitful and productive. Rather than feeling spiritual bliss, he feels relief on completing his daily quota of ten rounds.

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